22,0000 households to benefit from AfDB funded sewerage improvement project in upper Egypt

EGYPT— The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank has approved a US$121.44 million (€109 million) facility for the development of sewage disposal and wastewater treatment plants for rural areas in Luxor Governorate in Egypt’s Upper Nile region.

The Integrated Rural Sanitation in Upper Egypt – Luxor (IRSUE-Luxor) project is set to boost sewage coverage in the region from 6 percent to 55 percent, improving the quality of life of citizens, including women and children, who are most affected by poor sanitation.

The facility consists of a US$120.33 million (€108 million loan) from the Bank, and a grant of US$1.11 million (€ 1 million) from the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Initiative (RWSSI)- an Africa-wide initiative hosted by the African Development Bank.

AfDB said that the initiative was in line with the Bank’s water sector policy, which promotes efficient, equitable and sustainable development through integrated water resources management.

It also noted that the IRSUE-Luxor will enable the Bank to consolidate its commitment to support the water and sanitation sector in Egypt, through an integrated approach combining sector reforms and infrastructure development.

“The Bank’s support under the Integrated Rural Sanitation in Upper Egypt – Luxor will develop more than 8 sewer networks and pump stations and 2 wastewater treatment plants located in the desert areas of El Tod, and El Keman El Matana,” said Mohamed El Azizi, the Bank’s Director General for the North Africa region.

AfDB in a statement revealed that the network will serve approximately 22,000 households (161,929 inhabitants).

The households in satellite villages that will not be covered by the sewer network will benefit from an improved onsite sanitation service, which involves sludge treatment in the wastewater treatment plants, the bank further noted.

The Bank’s support under the Integrated Rural Sanitation in Upper Egypt – Luxor will develop more than 8 sewer networks and pump stations

IRSUE-Luxor contributes to the National Rural Sanitation Programme (NRSP) established by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities and aims at expanding access to sanitation services from 34% currently (national wide) up to 60% in 2030.

The operation will support ongoing sector reforms that will scale up wastewater collecting, conveying and treating infrastructure, thus contributing to increased coverage of improved sanitation services, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Bank will strengthen the country systems, focusing on results and sustainability, promoting good governance in the sanitation sector, and increasing sanitation rate in a very vulnerable area.

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