Algeria to establish National Energy Council to improve energy efficiency

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ALGERIA – The government of Algeria has announced plans to soon establish a National Energy Council that will be tasked with improving energy efficiency and shaping the country’s future policies in Energy

The announcement was made recently by the President of Algeria, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who noted that the forthcoming ‘National Energy Council’, will be the only structure empowered to outline future energy policy of the North African country.

Energy affects the economic and security future of Algeria and any major decision will have to be analyzed beforehand by the National Energy Council,” said the Algerian head of state

Following the announcement of the establishment of the “National Energy Council”, several experts reacted, including Abderrahmane Mebtoul, an expert and an international economic consultant.

Mebtoul proposes the forthcoming National Energy Council should consider the improvement of energy efficiency through a new pricing policy.

Mebtoul notes that the Algeria’s current pricing policy which is based on gas transfer price on the market, about one tenth of the price wastes resources that are temporarily frozen for social reasons.

The National Energy Council is expected to oversee Algeria’s plans to build its first nuclear power plant in 2025 to meet the growing demand for electricity.

It will also be responsible for the nuclear engineering institute which will train engineers and technicians who will be in charge of operating the future nuclear power plant.

The anticipated formation of the National Energy Commission has also waked interest in the exploration of shale Oil/Gas energy.

This solution according to energy experts, could provide an average profit where Algeria has the 3rd largest reservoir in the world according to (international) studies.

Critics however argue exploitation of shale gas should not be considered as a viable option due to its adverse impacts on the environment.

The National Energy Council will be thus expected to put more focus on renewable energies and form policies that support exploitation of the Algeria’s vast renewable energy resources.

Algeria’s current installed solar energy capacity is 343 MW and it will be up to the National Energy Council to ensure the countries achieves its target of producing 22 GW of green energy by 2030, with 13.6 GW reserved for photovoltaic solar power.

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