Burkina Faso’s agency for renewable energy solar cluster program to improve management of the solar sector

BURKINA FASOBurkina Faso’s National Agency for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ANEREE) has recently launched a new solar energy programme in the country to improve management of the solar sector.

A statement for ANEREE said that the solar programme named “Cluster Solaire -Burkina Faso”, will make it possible to develop a partnership between stakeholders of the sector, in order to better promote the solar energy sector and energy efficiency in the country.

The program according to the ANEREE statement is a broad and well-structured network that will enable local entrepreneurs in the solar energy chain in Burkina Faso to not only have the necessary technical capacity, but also a certain financial facility to take part in international competitions.

According to the Agency for Energy and Energy Efficiency, the “Cluster Solaire” programme will also enable Burkina Faso to take a giant step towards its goal of producing 30% of its electricity from solar energy by 2025-2030.

Currently, Burkina Faso’s electricity access rate is only 21%, despite the fact that the country has enormous solar potential and one of the largest photovoltaic solar power plants in the West African sub-region with an estimated annual capacity of 56 GWh/h.

A report by Africa Energy Portal revealed that The Green Climate Fund (GCF), the financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is providing support to Burkina Faso’s energy agency in the implementation of the Solar Cluster Programme.

The Green Climate Fund according to Africa Energy Portal report will facilitate ANEREE in the mobilisation of financial resources at the international level.

Funds for the Cluster Solaire -Burkina Faso programme will be made available from the West African Development Bank (BOAD).

Local companies in the solar energy sector will be able to benefit from them as they will be eligible for loans for their projects in the renewable energy sector, with preferential rates of 4% to 5% for 15-year maturities.

These loans will help companies reduce risk and involve commercial and public banks in scaling up solar investments.

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