E-learning platform Almentor secures US$6.5m funding round led by Partech

MENAAlmentor.net, a leading video e-learning platform in the MENA region, has secured US$6.5 million in a funding round led by Partech with participation from Sawari Ventures, Egypt Ventures, and Sango Capital.

According to reports, the recent raise of funding brings the total financing that the company has garnered since its inception to a total of US$14.5 million.

Cyril Collon, General Partner at Partech attributes their investment into the startup to its unique business model and offering.

“We are very proud to lead this latest round of financing. Since our first interaction, we have been very impressed by Ihab and Ibrahim, two fantastic mission-driven entrepreneurs who have been executing on a bold vision since 2016, and who built the leading Arabic self-learning go-to content provider in the Middle East and Africa,” Collon said.

“We are looking forward to supporting the company in its next phase of growth to serve the 430 million Arabic-speaking population and expand access to on-demand cutting-edge personal learning & development options.”

“Almentor.net library has an abundance of courses and talks that are capable of nurturing Arab youth.

Dr. Ihab Fikry – CEO and Co-founder, Almentor

Founded in 2016, the startup has created an online learning platform for Arabic speakers and offers a wide range of exclusive training courses and talks from experts in relevant industries.

The course content covers a wide range of topics from health, technology, humanities, entrepreneurship, business administration, and more.

“We are now leading the continuous video learning industry in the Arab region, and we have a responsibility that goes beyond our ambitions for Almentor Company,” Dr. Ihab Fikry, CEO and co-founder of almentor.

“Our responsibility now is to work unceasingly to improve the industry as a whole in the Arab region, and this can only be achieved through gaining the confidence of the Arab learners in the value, professionalism, and impartiality of the content provided by the platform, and working in line with the global learning trends.”

The tech startup claims that it currently has the largest continuous learning library in the MENA region with offices in Dubai, Cairo, and Saudi Arabia.

“Almentor.net library has an abundance of courses and talks that are capable of nurturing Arab youth, enhancing their personal experiences, and serving their career paths by providing them with what they deserve to advance their careers on all fronts,” said Fikry.

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