E-learning startup Classes.ng launches marketplace for educational classes

NIGERIAClasses.ng, an online search engine & marketplace for both physical & online classes, courses and training programs, has launched its free and open marketplace for classes.

In the marketplace, tutorial centres, freelance tutors, schools, universities, training institutions and online institutions can list courses and programmes that are instantly available for registrations and enquiries.

“Unlike conventional on-demand tutoring platforms like Tuteria and PrepClass, we do not provide the training and we do not take commissions on bookings,” co-founder Daniel Osi.

“It’s a totally free and open marketplace and we generate revenue mostly from traffic with only a select number of institutions benefitting from the commission model.”

The bootstrapped startup, which is in discussions with “a few angels” around investment, has been growing steadily since launch, and is averaging 1,500 unique hits per month and 10 enquiries per day.

“We are currently operating in Nigeria, but we have a global target, starting from Africa.”

Daniel Osi – Co-founder, Classes.ng

“On a few select institutions, based on agreement, we take a commission of between eight and 15 per cent on each class booking. On others, we drive traffic for free and the ones who want to get more reach can pay for boosted posts and adverts. It’s primarily an ad-based model,” Osi said.

“We are currently operating in Nigeria, but we have a global target, starting from Africa. We’ve currently purchased a couple of related and highly relevant domain names in preparation for scale.”

Launched in September 2020, Classes.ng aims to provide a listing platform for “classes” of all kinds, driving more organic traffic, and students, to the institutions and tutors listed on it.

The Classes.ng team includes board member, Mufutau Akuruyejo, first investor and first African to be accepted for the CERN OpenLab Training in Switzerland as well as Emeka Ejikeme, Director of partnerships with schools and centres.

Education goes beyond the four walls of a typical school and is a broad term which covers a wide range of obtainable skills and knowledge.

People are always in search of where they can get quality resource on different subject areas. And unlike conventional tutoring platforms, Classes.ng connects students to top brands and professionals in these fields anywhere in Nigeria.

Classes.ng offers students an extensive pool of more than 1,500 leading exam prep centres aggregated across all thirty-six states including Lagos, FCT, Oyo and Rivers.

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