E-tourism startup Wantotrip raises funds from business angels for its development

TUNISIAWantotrip, an E-tourism startup that aims to revolutionize travel, has announced that it is raising the funds from investors and Business angels, for its development.

Created in 2019, Wantotrip is a travel platform that uses the power of influencer marketing to promote themed, small-group trips operated by partner travel agencies and supported by community leaders.

Chahrazed Remadi and Makrem Hermassi, the co-founders of Wantotrip, have succeeded in successfully carrying out their young startup hit by the health crisis and which – not only comes out more solid – but also gains confidence.

After a first fundraising of 200,000 DT (US$73,350) carried out with Flat6labs and Anava Seed Fund – the most active Startup accelerator in the MENA region – which allowed the startup to start and to double its team after 6 months, the startup is evolving rapidly despite the circumstances.

“It was unthinkable for me to miss the Wantotrip adventure, a one-of-a-kind startup that is revolutionizing the world of tourism and giving a new dimension to the traveler experience, driven by a passionate, creative and avant-garde team. tourism of tomorrow,” said Karim Fertani, one of the business angels who took part in the startup.

Hardly emerged, the pandemic arises and the startup is confronted with the forced immobilization of the activity.

Thus, in the face of the crisis, the co-founders have shown agility and resilience by adapting to current circumstances to make Wantotrip a dynamic system capable of adapting to the conditions of its environment in order to ensure its continuity and sustainability.

The team therefore established a new strategy that enabled them to be able to carry out projects of the future in parallel while protecting the operational processes that support them in the present time.

“No better way to learn than to travel, Wantotrip is the solution,” said Hedi Bouzguenda, one of the fundraising participants.

Having a strategic vision and an original business model, Wantotrip sees itself at the forefront of the future design of the sector and works to build alliances that will distinguish it.

Wantotrip sees itself at the forefront of the future design of the industry, with a strategic vision and an original business model, and is working to form partnerships that will set it apart.

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