Egyptian startup Gooo Delivery closes undisclosed pre-seed round to scale operations

EGYPT – Egypt-based on-demand delivery startup Gooo Delivery has closed an undisclosed pre-seed round to scale its services in Egypt and beyond.

Founded in 2020, Gooo Delivery has a goal of providing point-to-point delivery services using mobile applications.

Users can order food, medications, and groceries from a network of partner stores, which are then collected by Gooo runners and delivered to the customer.

With total revenue of US$9 billion in March, the Middle East and North Africa area are seeing a rise in on-demand delivery services applications. In 2021, the Egyptian market grew by 8% to US$2.5 billion.

The Gooo team sees the rise of on-demand delivery services as a chance to flourish and gain a competitive edge.

The start-up’s co-founder and CEO, Eng. Yasser Hassan remarked that while there is tremendous rivalry in the domain of order delivery, they are aware that Gooo provides more than simply meal delivery; the firm also distributes groceries, veggies, and other items.

Gooo provides services in Cairo, Giza, and Tanta, and is working to extend its footprint throughout Egypt and the Middle East.

The startup also wants to improve its technical capabilities and grow its business by updating and developing its offerings.

According to Yasser Hassan, Gooo has a deep awareness of the local market, which is why its platform development is unique.

The current stage’s success factors are the development of Gooo’s technological skills, team development, and integration, in order to capitalize on the client’s confidence, it has already earned and achieved its objective goals.

The platform benefits from Africa’s millions of internet users who are shifting to online shopping and e-payment innovations and technological security, requiring door-to-door delivery.

The growth of online shopping and improved connection in Africa has given an opportunity for the growth of e-commerce platforms on the continent, which is being aided by investment from around the world.

Despite the fact that new delivery platforms are springing up all the time, making the sector increasingly competitive, delivery startups in Africa still have the opportunity to expand in a competitive market.

Gooo is aware of this, but the firm has the potential to grow and extend into new markets, as seen by the investment.

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