Ethio Telecom opens new Huawei-built modular data center

ETHIOPIA –  Ethiopian telecommunication company Ethio Telecom, has launched what it says is the biggest Tier III-ready modular data centre in Ethiopia.

The incumbent operator said that the new data centre, in the Gola Sefer district of the capital, Addis Ababa, was supplied by Huawei.

“The newly built data centre will firstly serve existing service provision such as mobile money and business support systems, and the extra capacity could be used for new business such as colocation and cloud service in the future,” said Ethio Telecom.

Chen Mingliang, CEO of Huawei’s Ethiopian operation, and Ethio Telecom’s CEO Frehiwot Tamiru opened the building for operation.  

Ethio Telecom, which is shortly to face competition from South Africa’s MTN as well as from a Vodafone-led consortium, said it had chosen a modular approach, thanks to its short delivery period and high energy saving ratio.

The company said Huawei delivered the data centre within two and a half months, while the traditional way of deployment would take more than five months.

The power usage effectiveness (PUE) is 1.4, said Ethio Telecom, 25% less than for a traditional data centre.

The installation uses a Huawei NetEco power monitoring system, which can further reduce operation and maintenance cost by 35%.

“The newly built data centre will firstly serve existing service provision such as mobile money and business support systems”

Ethio Telecom

Huawei and its Chinese rival, ZTE, are the main telecoms network equipment suppliers to Ethio Telecom

In April 2021, Ethio Telecom expanded its4G with Huawei and revealed plans for 5G for 2022 but gave no further details.

Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom, said the move “opens a new chapter and brings an immediate impact on congested areas of telecom service”.

Ethio Telecom said about the new 4G areas: “Given the reliability, high bandwidth and high-speed features of LTE Advanced services, we hope that it will enable and empower our customers to digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences.”

The company said its 4G plans were “among the major strategic initiatives” it is planning. “Accordingly, we will be launching similar services in other parts of the country, for which preparation works are underway.”

Chen Mingliang, CEO of Huawei’s Ethiopian operation, said: “Our delivery teams worked day and night to meet the target. Regardless of all the challenges, today we are proud and rejoiced to bring you the best LTE Advanced service.”

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