Gaming startup GamesBandy secures US$40,000 grant from Taqadam

EGYPTGamesBandy, a gaming startup, has received a US$40,000 grant from Taqadam, a MENA startup accelerator, to help it expand its platform and widen its horizons.

Founded in 2020, Gamesbandy is the first platform in the region to provide users with a safe and simple way to buy and sell gaming accounts and related accessories. Gamers can sell their old high-level accounts to those who prefer to pay rather than start at the beginning.

The startup has more than 1,500 users from 24 countries, and in June raised a round of seed funding from Flat6Labs and Tamkeen to help propel growth. It has now banked US$40,000 in grant capital from Taqadam, which it will use to expand its platform to support more games, expand geographically, and grow its user base.

Taqadam will also spend six months guiding and developing the company through mentorship, and training.

“We are excited and grateful for the funding and grants from Taqadam. Early innovation is vital and we hope to have a great impact on the gaming community,” said Abdulrahman Aboshamah, founder of GamesBandy.

“Early innovation is vital and we hope to have a great impact on the gaming community.”

Abdulrahman Aboshamah – Founder, GamesBandy

In June this year, Gamesbandy secured an undisclosed Seed round led by Flat6labs Bahrain and Tamkeen.

The money was to go into expanding Gamesbandy’s platform to accommodate additional games, investing in marketing, and expanding regionally to become MENA’s one-stop shop for game trade.

Users like having a reliable, safe site to exchange their gaming accounts and things, while Gamesbandy profits from commissions on purchases.

The gaming company is rapidly expanding, allowing gamers to swap accounts, in-game goodies, or virtual cash for in-game purchases. Gamers may sell their past high-level accounts to anyone who would rather pay than start again.

Africa’s gaming ecosystem is still developing. Building on the success of “Aurion’s Heritage of Kori-Odan”, which in 2016 became the very first video game made in Cameroon, Cameroonian startup Kiro’o Games, recently announced it has raised more than US$1 million as part of a fundraising campaign it launched in 2019.

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