Investment firm Mubasha launches US$22m financial service platform

EGYPT – Mubasher Financial Services, an investment business firm, has launched its new “Du” brand for financial services that will be available through several electronic platforms, with investments of EGP360 million (US$22.96m).

Among the new platforms, Du Invest is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Other platforms include: Du Trade, Du Play, Du Learn, among others.

Du Invest is the first savings and investment platform in Egypt that allows investors and individuals of all income classes to invest their savings efficiently. It also allows them to diversify their investment portfolios through flexible investment solutions, such as investment savings plans that cover a range of life events, including retirement, education, marriage, and the like.

According to Daily News Egypt, the investment can start from EGP500 (US$31.89) in fixed income, mutual funds, and all portfolios and plans can be conventional or consistent with Islamic Sharia law.

Du is the first electronic financial trademark in Egypt that meets all the needs of investors, whilst stimulating the entry of new investors. It aims to promote the culture of investment and savings, by providing investment solutions in unique technology, in addition to other solutions that help the investor make decisions through training.

Users will also be able to access a virtual trading platform that simulates reality and news about the money market and investment, which makes investing easy and available to all.

Mubasher, which is one of the five largest institutions operating in Egypt’s non-banking financial sector, has over 15 years of experience in financial trading in the stock market and other financial investment fields.

Meanwhile, The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has granted BH Mubasher Financial Services a short-term margin trading license.

With the new license, the investment firm’s customers will now be able to buy securities listed on DFM.

“The initial margin for the short-term margin trading product can be as low as 25 percent, which will allow clients flexibility in allocating their investments among different trading products,” the company said in a statement.

According to Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, CEO of BH Mubasher, their company is the first financial services entity to obtain the license from DFM.

“To obtain this license from DFM as the first financial services company is further validation of our trusted position in the region,” Al Sa’di said.

“This license is another addition to the already extensive list of services that we provide our esteemed customers,” he added.

The company is listed on the DFM with a paid-up capital of 564 million UAE dirhams (US$153.5 million). It offers a wide range of financial services and investment products to clients.

In March last year, the company obtained a short-term margin trading license from Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

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