Logistics company Freterium secures an opportunity in Y Combinator

MOROCCOFreterium, the first predictive supply chain platform, has just been selected to join the famous program of Y Combinator (YC), the Californian incubator, which will accelerate the Moroccan start-up international development.

Founded by two engineers, Mehdi Cherif Alami and Omar El Kouhene, Freterium aims to transform supply chains by replacing manual processes with a fully connected ecosystem.

Freterium offers the first Transport Management Platform (TMP) in the Africa-Middle East region which combines the main modules of a TMS (Transport Management System) and the connectivity of a collaborative platform with advanced visibility.

Freterium allows all contractors, manufacturers, distributors and logisticians to plan and optimize their B2B or B2C shipments in a few clicks, and to follow the execution – carried out by an own fleet or transport providers – in accessing predictive and real-time information on all deliveries.

Freterium will pitch in front of 1,000 international investors.

“It is a tremendous opportunity that opens up to us knowing that we are in a phase of acceleration internationally.

Mehdi Cherif Alami and Omar El Kouhene – Co-founders, Freterium

“We are very proud of the attention paid to us by Y Combinator and honored to have been selected,” explained Mehdi Cherif Alami and Omar El Kouhene, co-founders of Freterium.  

“It is a tremendous opportunity that opens up to us knowing that we are in a phase of acceleration internationally. Thanks to this visibility, we hope to inspire young people and help make Morocco the next Start-up Nation on the continent.”

Y Combinator is arguably the most renowned start-up program in the United States, and possibly the world. Thus, each year, more and more start-ups from all over the world apply for the programs offered by YC but very few are selected.

According to Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential and respected men and investors, Y Combinator is the best high-end entrepreneurial program that ever existed.”

The YC program is a three-month support, from June to August, during which our two young Moroccan entrepreneurs will participate in group meetings every two weeks, will have access to a million dollars of free tools as well as the possibility get in touch with affiliate partners as often as needed.

“Freterium is part of the first class of the 212 Founders program. We have known from day one that their solution will significantly impact the transport and logistics sector. It is a Moroccan nugget in which we are proud to have invested and which we support in its development and internationalization,” said Declared Yassine Haddaoui, CEO of CDG Invest.

The highlight of this program is Demo Day, during which all start-ups present their products and services to an audience of 1,000 investors.

“When Freterium started up, when we presented our project, our interlocutors objected to us that Morocco was too small a market for it to work. Not only has the Kingdom allowed a strong development of our activity, but we have succeeded in integrating the prestigious Y Combinator program by operating only on the Moroccan market ! We hope this will inspire other Moroccan entrepreneurs to take the plunge,” said Mehdi Cherif Alami, co-founder of Freterium.

In order to be ready to rub shoulders with this audience, the start-up Freterium intends to ramp up, open an office in Dubai and recruit around fifteen people in the next three months.

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