Moroccan Mosaiclab raises US$225,000 for its invoice processing platform

MOROCCO – The Moroccan fintech start-up Mosaiclab has raised 2 million DH (US$225,000) for the Konta invoice processing platform.

Based in Casablanca, this startup launched Konta, a platform for automating invoicing to payment in SAAS operating on 100% Moroccan artificial intelligence technology.

Founded in 2019 by Issam Dahman (CEG), Mehdi Zirari (CP01, and Elarbi Aboussouror, Konta quickly consolidates its product and signs a multitude of first clients in Africa and Europe before carrying out its first fundraising in Seed DE from the investment company WITAMAX, jointly created by Southbridge A&I and Axxam Family Office.

A platform for automating invoicing to payment in SAAS operating on 100% Moroccan artificial intelligence technology

The startup targeting mainly large accounts and Moroccan and international SMEs aims to offer a technology streamlining and simplifying the process of managing supplier expenses through a systematic process saving time, costs and means for actors operating in sectors such as banking, insurance, aeronautics and the automotive industry.

In addition to the functionalities of streamlining and simplifying the process for processing supplier expenses, the startup also resolves issues around the risks of regulatory compliance, error, omission and fraud, by ensuring an automatic audit and real time of each supplier invoice thus making its approval much shorter and less complex for the financial functions.

This dual vocation thus enables Konta to help companies sustain their relationships with their suppliers while consolidating the base of their strategic service providers.

Beyond the technological innovation of verticalized artificial intelligence in the field of corporate finance, KONTA offers its clients a SaaS solution that adapts to their organizational models, requiring no initial investment.

Capitalized for a few months, Konta now intends to accelerate its local and international expansion while concentrating the technological effort around new functionalities anticipating several ruptures to come for both the SME fabric and large Moroccan and international companies.

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