Morocco partners Saudi-Arabia to intensify renewable energy cooperation

MOROCCO – The government of Morocco has signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia on the peaceful use of atomic energy.

The signing of the agreement was done by Morocco’s minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Leila Benali and Saudi-Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman.

The memorandum aims to increase the two countries’ engagements in the field of energy, by exchanging expertise and encouraging financing and investments in both countries.

As revealed in a press release by Saudi-Arabia’s ministry of energy, the two countries will cooperate in the field of “Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy.”

These uses include designing, constructing, and operating a nuclear fuel cycle and waste management, in addition to engineering and marketing innovative techniques for new generations of nuclear plants.

The memorandum aligns with Morocco’s “Green Generation” 2017 strategy, which follows the goal of transitioning towards a greener economy by 2030, said the statement from the Saudi ministry of energy.

Nuclear energy is a low-carbon energy source that contributes to the production of low-CO2 electricity, according to the international industrial group Orano.

It releases “70 times less CO2 than coal, 40 times less than gas, 4 times less than solar energy, 2 times less than hydroelectricity, and the same amount as wind energy.”

Morocco is a forerunner in renewable energy, and the country has been moving steadily toward a more environmentally friendly future.

The Energy Engineering Company (SIE) joined forces in March 2022 with Greenrock, which is based in Rabat, to accelerate decarbonization and the transition towards more dependence on renewable energy.

The agreement between SIE and Greenrock aims to improve the financial management of energy efficiency (EE) projects by assisting private businesses and investors in becoming more environmentally friendly.

The North African country is keen to increase its green energy mix significantly. It targets 50% renewable energy (for electricity needs), and it aims to reach 100% renewables by 2050.

The country continued focus on green energy transition makes it a frontrunner in Africa where several countries have yet to make recognizable strides.

The North African country experienced a mean annual solar radiation reaches 2600 kW h/m 2 /year which can drive more production of solar energy.

As the world moves towards sustainable use of energy and reduction of greenhouse gases efforts, Morocco is one of the leading countries to support the initiative.

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