Natrify raises undisclosed pre-seed round to develop biodegradable plastics

EGYPTEgypt-based biotechnology start-up Natrify, has raised a six-figure pre-Seed round from Ambo ventures, a recently launched VC fund focused on investing in start-ups based in Africa.

Founded in 2020 by Abdullah Al-Atrash, Amr Galal, and Ahmed Hassanen, Natrify offers a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to single-use plastic.

The start-up’s goal is to reduce plastic waste and assist businesses in achieving a negative green premium.

Natrify has recently developed Adigide, a bioplastic that is biodegradable in many environments, the first product of its sort in the MENA region.

Adigide is a genetically engineered microorganism-derived bioplastic. The product has the same properties and applications as petroleum-based plastic while causing no environmental harm.

Adigide biodegrades naturally in any environment, including marine ones, making it safe for both marine life and people.

In addition, Adigide has the same market price as ordinary plastic, but it is more environmentally friendly.

Finding an alternative to plastic will have a great impact on waste management in the North African country.

Currently, Egypt produces 5.4 million metric tons of plastic annually, making it the biggest plastic polluter in the Arab world.

A report by the WWF revealed that Egypt also is the biggest source of Mediterranean plastic pollution, pouring in 250,000 tons a year.

The enormous amount of plastic waste may cause ingestion, suffocation, and entanglement of hundreds of marine species.

Marine wildlife such as seabirds, whales, fish, and turtles mistake plastic waste for prey; most then die of starvation as their stomachs become filled with plastic.

In order to solve the problem, the authorities within the government of Egypt have formulated a way of bringing all actors with an aim to reduce the amount of waste produced that finds its way into the waterways.

Meanwhile, Natrify has gone a step ahead to solve the production problem by introducing a new product altogether.

The start-up is now expanding its operations both domestically and internationally to continue offering its services in other regions. It already has an agreement in place to enter the US market.

It is currently preparing to open its pilot plant in Egypt as a springboard for its activities in the MENA region’s market, and it also plans to open a licensing agreement in the UK by the end of this year.

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