NEDBANK Namibia set to fund seven projects through its Go Green Fund

NAMIBIA – NEDBANK Namibia, a financial service holding company, through its Go Green Fund, has put aside N$747,745 (US$49,519) in grants to fund seven projects that support the environment and preserve nature conservation in Namibia.

The bank says this will contribute to building the country’s green economy.

Those benefiting from the grants include the Namibia University of Science and Technology, through its project Kaokoflora, which will receive N$149,500 (US$9,900).

The National Botanical Research Institute, administered by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, is set to receive N$220,000 (US$14,569) for two projects.

Nedbank’s managing director, Martha Murorua, said since the establishment of the Go Green Fund in 2001, it has managed to fund over 40 projects in the environmental sector.

“And over the 21 years, the Nedbank Namibia Go Green Fund has supported individuals and organisations working towards a sustainable future for Namibians, endemic species and habitats,” she said.

The funds will be expended through the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF), which manages the Go Green Fund and aims to enhance conservation and protect natural resources in the country.

The roll-out will be done with the support of individuals and organisations in Namibia that are working towards a more sustainable future.

Murorua further said the Nedbank Namibia Go Green Fund has fully or partly funded projects with the goal of promoting conservation, education, sustainability, awareness and action

Nedbank Namibia appreciates that funding is often very limited and that the government can only do a limited amount of environmental work. Funding from the private sector is therefore an absolute imperative to sustain the commitments,” she said.

A grant of N$119,000 (US$7,880) is also allocated to Stellenbosch University, for its project on species diversity and geographic distribution of termites and their symbiotic fungi in Namibia.

A biodiversity inventory of the central Namib inselbergs project by Gobabeb-Namib Research will receive N$98,445 (US$6,519).

The National Museum of Namibia will receive N$106,000 (US$7,019) for its project, Discovering Namibia’s Cryptic Diversity through a National Faunal DNA Collection.

Another N$54,800 (US$3,629) will be allocated to the Kwando Carnivore Project for a baseline survey of Cheetahs and African wild dogs in the Mudumu Landscape.

The fund also supports environmental research projects into lichen fields, oxpeckers, baobab trees, Nile crocodiles, Cape ground squirrels, and community fishing projects.

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