Real estate search engine Aqarmap launches service for efficient interaction for their customers

EGYPTReal estate search engine Aqarmap has launched the Aqarmap Matcher service, to increase the efficiency of interaction between sellers and buyers, and to benefit from lost marketing opportunities in supply and demand.

According to Daily News Egypt, this will achieve compatibility and concordance between both buyers’ and sellers’ interests, through a database that includes 7.9 million clients interested in real estate.

The platform includes the biggest database of clients in the real estate market, which has been compiled over 10 years.

Business Development Manager Ahmed Abd El-Fattah said that, by analysing the search methods on the real estate search engine, Aqarmap, a gap was found between supply and demand.

This gap bears lost marketing opportunities among buyers and sellers. It is due to the buyers’ search for real estate properties in limited areas with certain descriptions that might not be available at the time. The requested real estate properties can then be made available on the platform by the sellers.

Therefore, Aqarmap Matcher service targets the correspondence between supply and demand and notifies buyers of the availability of the real estate properties that match their needs and interests.

This takes place without the need for buyers having to search the platform again, whilst ensuring matching both the buyer and seller’s interests.

Abd El-Fattah added that Aqarmap Matcher service targets the registered clients on the Aqarmap platform, whether they are former or recent visitors. It delivers new advertisements to the buyers who have been searching for a real estate property with the same descriptions.

He indicated that the search engine Aqarmap has depended on registration since its creation, to ensure that it owns the biggest database of local and international clients.

Abd El-Fattah added that the platform ensures sellers can find suitable clients for their properties before advertising them.

This is done by providing a detailed database of clients that include their numbers in governorates, cities, key districts, and sub-districts.

This is alongside the activity type, whether buying or renting, and product type, among which are residential, commercial, administrative, and medical listings, as well as lands, buildings, duplex and studio apartments. 

He noted that there are 5.6 million clients who are searching for ownership units on the Aqarmap search engine, whereas the clients seeking rental units are 2.3 million. 

Abd El-Fattah added that the platform provides different advertising categories in order to guarantee reaching possible clients. 

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