Schneider Electric to launch operations in morocco through partnership with local firm

MOROCCO – Schneider Electric, a major French multinational corporation specializing in electrical equipment, is set to expand in Morocco with a new assembly unit.

The new assembly unit for connected medium-voltage electrical panels from the RM6 range will be established through a partnership with Kazinov, a Moroccan company.

 Kazinov has already signed an agreement with Schneider Electric in a deal that will allow Kazinov to license, assemble, test and market the RM6 using Schneider Electric’s technology and know-how.

The partnership will create around 20 jobs and will include a skills transfer program while at the same time promoting local integration of Schneider’s electrical solutions and increasing local added value.

“By signing this partnership, Schneider Electric strengthens its closeness to customers in the Maghreb and in sub-Saharan Africa and bolsters its ability to provide new, more secure and digital solutions in medium voltage”, says Isabelle Tribotte, Senior Commercial Vice-President of the Power Systems division of Schneider Electric worldwide.

Schneider Electric played a role in the launch of the first Moroccan-made electric car in 2016.

The project fell under an ambitious plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 12%, and assign 10 percent of the automobile market to electric cars by 2030.

The company has had subsidiaries in Morocco for several years, working for OCP and Taqa Morocco.

Schneider Electric also participated in the Casablanca tramway project and helped produce the first Moroccan-made electric car.

The new deal is set to further enhance the development of Morocco’s electrical equipment production.

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