The University of Ghana launches innovation and entrepreneurship programme

GHANAThe University of Ghana’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme (UGIEP) has been commissioned by the Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, to help students and young entrepreneurs add value to their products and services.

The UG Startup Challenge, the UG Incubator, the UG Venture Accelerator, the UG Venture Fund, and the UG Alumni Angel Investor Network are the five pillars that will help the programme achieve its goal.

The UGIEP is a non-academic initiative run by the Vice-Office Chancellor’s that aims to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within the University.

The programme is a US$100,000 Start-up initiative, run in collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Network, that will provide cash and mentoring to students and young entrepreneurs.

UGIEP is a trans-disciplinary initiative that uses extracurricular programs and projects to promote entrepreneurship and innovation culture at the University of Ghana.

These programs and projects encourage innovative thinking, venture creation, and growth in Ghana, with the goal of advancing innovation and entrepreneurial development.

As a result, it would unlock the ideas of students, alumni, and teachers, as well as translate new ideas, products, and services into jobs and economic growth.

UGIEP is a critical component of the University’s research development strategy to strengthen its innovation ecosystem.

It is intended to engage students, professors, and external stakeholders in using their research, innovative skills, and experimental models to establish start-ups and other opportunities by utilizing their research, innovative skills, and experimental models.

This program is the outcome of a collaboration between the University of Ghana’s Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) and the Ghana-based Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN-G).

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