Zagus Power Systems introduces new power provider in the Nigerian market

NIGERIA Zagus Power Systems Limited, a power solutions provider, has introduced Zektron to provide power in the Nigerian market and to eliminating epileptic power supply.

Zektron is a Turkish manufactured brand of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), Smart Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and renewable energy systems.

The Zektron, according to Zagus Power Systems, is aimed at providing the very best of power solutions to organisations in the telecommunications, manufacturing, hospitality, private and government sectors among others in the country.

It described Zektron as a globally recognised brand of UPS and cutting-edge distortion-free AVR that gives perfectly stable power output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage which prevents businesses from experiencing breakdown in product and service delivery processes.

Since the introduction of Zektron in Nigeria, Zektron has been deploying high-end power solution product, tried and tested, to improve power efficiency in homes and businesses in Nigeria which includes UPS, power inverter and batteries as well as renewable energy systems and accessories.

“Zagus provides assessment services to ensure your electrical application, distribution systems, data center, transmission, cooling and manufacturing equipment, is running efficiently,” he said.

“We have the expert services you need to support you through the data center and power protection life cycle. Our priority is helping you maintain the uptime and availability that your business requires to succeed.”

The firm ensures that homes and businesses access efficient and regular power supply that is safe, regulated and uninterrupted for effective service and product delivery.

The Sales Director at Zagus Power Systems Limited, Ken Ezeagu, said in a statement that the company with over five years’ experience in the industry, has well trained engineers who carry out project assessment to ascertain the power needs of clients while providing the most valuable recommendations that will meet and surpass such needs.

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